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  Why Visit Myanmar?

Why should I visit Myanmar? That is the question you should ask yourself before choosing Myanmar as a country to visit.

What pulls you to Myanmar? Is it a popular myth like “smiling people”? Or is it because of the ancient pagodas in Bagan or Mrauk Oo? Or is it because of the fact that Myanmar is a mysterious country?
In fact, Myanmar is a small country in South East Asia with the population of approximately 56.52 million (2006-2007) people that lies between the two big neighbors: China and India. It is no more interesting or mysterious than any other country in this world. Of course, it possesses ethnic and cultural and geographical diversity: coastal region; hilly region; dry region; rainy region; and temperate zone. Every region or zone offers the scenery different from each other.

Moreover, you will see certain things which have almost disappeared in some other South East Asian countries: traditional clothes and customs. Myanmar people – both genders - are still wearing the traditional clothes that seems like skirt to the western world. And majority of Myanmar females wear the mud like fluid on their face or at least on their cheeks to protect their skin from the sun or to beautify their faces.

Most of the rural areas in Myanmar are unspoiled. It’s true that western culture has caught up with even to the rural area in most of the South East Asian countries. In Myanmar, it seems that the majority of the rural areas seem to be frozen in the early 20th century.

Another important factor which draws you to Myanmar is the safety factor. Foreigners need not worry about being mugged or robbed even when traveling alone in the remote areas. It’s not that Myanmar is totally crime free country. Security system in Myanmar is very efficient and the authorities from national to village level do not want the foreigners to lose their property or get hurt while traveling inside the country.

You need to take only two weeks to cover all the places of interest. By the end of the second week, you would have covered Yangon (where Shwe Dagon pagoda that is the landmark of Myanmar exists); Bagan (where still 2,217 ancient pagodas - according to the 1978 survey of the archeologist from Myanmar– built between 11th and 13th century – are standing and identifiable in the 16 sq mile tract along the east of the Ayeyarwady river) is one of the world’s three famous Buddhist archeological sites. Two other sites are Borobudur (Indonesia), the biggest single Buddhist temple in the world; and Angkor Wat (Cambodia), the biggest Buddhist temple complex in the world.

In Mandalay (the former capital till 1885 with still the fortress & the moat) you will see the world’s longest (1.2 km) teak footbridge; the world’s largest uncracked and hung bell (90 tons) and more than a hundred years old Goh Hteik viaduct bridge that is the second highest (984 feet) railway bridge in the world.

In Southern Shan State, Inle lake (the second biggest lake in Myanmar), you will find the native people rowing the boat with one leg. Ngapali beach in Rakhhine is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The Golden rock pagoda (as widely known in abroad) or the Kyaikhtiyoe pagoda is a wonder, hanging precariously on the downward sloping cliff of the mountain.

Still left are other places of interests for trekking; mountaineering and deep sea diving in one of the Myeik islands at the Southern tip of Myanmar.  

Seeing is believing. Look for yourself. Come and visit Myanmar.




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