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Does Myanmar have visa waiving system for some countries?

Unlike Thailand, every foreigner needs a visa to get into Myanmar.

Where can I apply for Myanmar visa?

Visa can be obtained at the Myanmar Embassy or consulate general in your country or any Myanmar embassy or consulate  general.

I heard about visa on arrival practiced in Myanmar. Please elaborate.

Since 1 May 2010, visa on arrival can be obtained when you arrive at Mingaladon airport, Yangon or Tada Oo airport, Mandalay.

Can I have the details of the visa on arrival system?

The airline from which you buy the air tickets will provide you the details of how to apply for the visa on arrival. Anyway, below are the details for your information.

1. The applicants must write down which hotel (that has the license to operate) he/she is going to stay in.

2. Children under 7 years of age, whose name and particulars are mentioned in the parent’s passport do not need to apply separately for visa-on-arrival.

3. Two numbers of passport photo (4 cm by 6 cm) is needed to apply for visa-on-arrival.

4. FIT (Free Individual Traveler) needs to show at least USD 300 (or) the foreign currency which is the equivalent of USD 300. For a family, it needs to show at least USD 600 (or) the equivalent of foreign currency which is the equivalent of USD 600.

5. Transit visa fee is USD 18. It is valid for 24 hours and non extendable.

6. Tourist visa fee is USD 30. It is valid for 28 days and not extendable.

7. Social visa (for the foreigner who used to hold Myanmar passport) fee is USD 40. It is valid for 40 days and is extendable.

8. Business visa fee is USD 40. It is valid for 70 days and extendable.

9. No foreigners could go the restricted area without a proper permission.

10.Person holding the diplomatic passport could not apply for the visa-on-arrival.

11.The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism suggested that, it possible, better apply for visa at Myanmar embassy in his/her country or any embassy or Consulate General to make sure that the applicant’s name is not in the blacklist of Myanmar Immigration record.





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