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  About Myanmar



676577 sq km (about the size of United Kingdom and France combined)



57 millions



Naypyidaw (Since March 2006)



80% of Myanmar embraces Theravada Buddhism. The rest are mainly Christians, Muslims, Hindus and some animists.

Climate & Weather


Myanmar enjoys a tropical climate with three distinct seasons:
- The monsoon (or) Rainy Season ( from June to October)
- The Cool dry season ( from November to February )
- The hot (or) Summer season ( from March to May )
During the rainy season, rainfall varies from as much as 5 meter along the coastline, 0.6 meter to 1.3 meter in the Dry Zone and the average of 2.5 meter in the plain.
Average temperature ranges from 21 C in the northern highlands to 32 C in central and lower areas.




Myanmar?s Golden Age dates back to the 11th century when King Anawrahta united the whole country into the First Myanmar Empire in Bagan. The Bagan Empire encompassed the entire Menam valley in Thailand and lasted about 250 years, before it collapsed with the invasion of the Mongols under the leadership of Kublai Khan in the 13th century. The Second Myanmar Empire founded by King Bayinnaung, in the middle of the 16th century. King Alaungpaya founded the Third Myanmar Empire in 1752. It was during the zenith of the Konbaung dynasty, when the British colonized Myanmar. Myanmar became a sovereign state on January 4, 1948, after gaining independence from British.



The official language is Myanmar. English is widely used.

Local Time


GMT+6:30 hours



One of the safest countries in the world.



International Direct Dialing is available throughout Myanmar but the charges are relatively expensive. Email facilities are available at many hotels and a number of cyber cafe in Yangon and Mandalay. Web-based free emails may not be accessible in Myanmar. Your mobile will not work in Myanmar.

Dos and don'ts.



Reciprocal respect is highly valued among the cultural disparities. No matter how fast the process of globalization is getting in momentum, East and West are still embracing their own characters. To bridge the gap, understanding and knowing the alien is useful. To understand and to know the alien, it is advisable to follow the dos and don't in another hemisphere. Some advice as follow?

- Shoes and socks are to be off before entering any religious and sacred compound.
- Woman are not allowed to enter some religious compound.
- Clothing has to be in decent manner in pagodas.
- Taking pictures or video taping of strategic places (bridges, military stations, etc.) is
  not allowed.
- Antique is not allowed to take out.
- Entrance fee has to be paid at every historical/culturally significant place.

We highly appreciate as you value the custom of another hemisphere and blend yourself locally. More fun to be with us then.



220~240 V, 50Hz

Photography & Video


Myanmar is a very photogenic country. Recommended to bring lots of film or video tapes with you.



Many hotels in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle. The range of hotel quality extends from local guest houses to 5 star accommodations.



No inoculations/vaccinations are required unless one is from/passing through an infected area. However, suggest bringing your daily medications as some of them may not available in Myanmar. Recommend to drink only bottled water throughout your journey. Mosquito repellents are helpful.



No official restriction to bring along the personal electronic devices such as PC, camera, GPS, etc. Purchase the valuable item such as jeweler, antique and wood carvings only at the government registered shops which issue an official receipt to present on your departure.






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